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Other Books of Corolla Publications



  • A collection of 40 articles on various subjects in nature such as plants, birds, insects, animals and their associations.
  • These articles have been published in magazines and newspapers over the last 25 years.
  • Published in 2003 and 2012, Size A5, Pages 224, Price Rs. 500.

Flowers of Kas


  • Kas is a hot spot for natural beauty situated in Sahyadri. It is located 25 km to the west of Satara on Pune Bangalore highway.
  • Kas is a lateritic plateau where millions of wild flowers bloom in post monsoon season. The spectacle of wild flowers has earned this location the prestige of world natural heritage. If Sahyadri is a hot spot in India then Kas is certainly the hottest spot in Sahyadri for natural beauty.
  • Flowers of Kas is a pocket guide for 175 species of flowering plants found at Kas. This guide transforms ‘wild’ flowers of Kas into individuals and acquaintances.
  • Published in 2012, Size A6, Pages 96, Price Rs 100

Flora and Fauna of Sinhagad


  • Sinhagad is a historical hill fort 15 km south of Pune city. It is a true representative of the typical habitats of hill forts in Sahyadri that support a rich flora and fauna.
  • This field guide gives tabulated information for 489 species of plants, 172 species of birds, 66 species of butterflies, 46 species of reptiles and 28 species of animals found in Sinhagad area.
  • This pocket guide surely enhances the pleasure of trekking to Sinhagad.
  • Published in 2005. Size A6, Pages 64, Price Rs 75