Flowers of Sahyadri

Flowers of Sahyadri, a series of 3 field guides

Flowers of Sahyadri is a series of 3 field guides for 2200 species of flowering plants found in north Western Ghats of India.

Leaving the grasses and sedges almost all flowering plants are covered by the series of 3 field guides.
Botanical classification, glossary, habitats, ecology and profile of flora are described with graphics and maps.
Flowering plants are arranged in a unique layout that navigates easily and quickly during search.
Readers will enjoy identifying on their own, the flowering plants of Sahyadri; about whom they wondered all these years.
This pictorial documentation of Sahyadri flora helps the people to know the floral wealth of this area and guides them on ‘what and why’ to protect.

These field guides can be used in other areas in India because many of Sahyadri plants also occur in adjoining areas.
A keen flower enthusiast will know where and when to visit Sahyadri hills for flower watching.

Flowers of Sahyadri

Flowers-of-SahyadrirIntroductory part of this series was published in 2001 and was reprinted in 2004. The new current edition was published in 2012.
This part contains commonly found 600 wild species of flowering plants of Sahyadri.

Size A5, pages 184, Price Rs 500

Further Flowers of Sahyadri

Further-Flowers-of-SahyadriThe second part of this series was published in 2007.
This part contains occasionally found 800 wild species of flowering plants of Sahyadri. It also contains 100 species of flowering plants cultivated in Sahyadri.

Size A5, Pages 320, Price Rs 800

Additions to Flowers of Sahyadri

This is the third part in the series of field guides on Sahyadri. It contains additional 530 species of wild and 270 species of cultivated flowering plants of Sahyadri. With this guide the total number of flowering plants that are documented in the set of 3 field guides has reached 2200 species. It also contains Ficus, Palms, Conifers and Cycads as new plant groups.
Size A5, Pages 304, Price Rs 800