Flowers of Pune

Trees of Pune

Pune is a historical city situated within the hot spot habitat of north Western Ghats. A great diversity of natural habitats can be seen in and around Pune city.

  • Pune city has a great diversity of trees which is perhaps highest among all Indian cities.
  • Trees of Pune is a field guide for 482 species of arboreal plants found in Pune.
    It has leaf based identification key, list of potential areas for trees, information on heritage trees, tips on how to plant trees and information on tree watching trails in Pune.
  • It is a handy companion for tree lovers and landscape designers of every city.
  • This book was published in 2010. Since then more than 20 new species have been added to the list of 482 species.
  • The field guide includes Palms, Conifers Cycads and Bamboos as part arboreal flora.
  • More than 200 species of rare and heritage trees can be seen on an interactive map which can take tree lovers on a wonderful ‘Tree-sure Hunt’.
  • Published in 2010, Size A5, Pages 248, Price Rs 600

Enumeration of Flowering Plants of Pune Metropolitan Region


  • Pune city’s diversity of flowering plants would be the richest among any city in India. This is because of its proximity to hot spot habitat of Western Ghats.
  • This book is an enumeration of flowering plants recorded in the urban limits of Pune city. More information on each plant is given in tabulated format.
  • This floristic study will be useful to the decision makers, architects, designers, foresters, town planners, ecologists and students.
  • This book is available as a hard copy only on request.

Interactive Tree Map of Trees of Pune

Shows locations of more than 200 rare and heritage trees, avenues and clusters and important tree gardens in Pune city limits. Click here