Welcome to the wonderful world of wild flowers of Sahyadri

Flowers have been the most attractive feature of our animate nature. They are motifs of God’s creativity and generosity. The diversity in their appearance is amazing. There are flowers that bloom at noon and there are flowers that bloom at midnight, flowers that bloom for minutes and flowers that last for weeks, flowers that bloom once in 7 years, poisonous and delicious flowers, foetid and fragrant flowers. Flowers have intrigued man since the dawn of life.

You may be reveling among spectacle of wild flowers and you may see them as just objects of bright colours. The moment you identify a few flowers and attribute some names to them these flowers stand from the rest. They get individuality that none of the rest have got. Every time you see these flowers you cherish a relationship that reciprocates joy.

You need not be poet to be able to appreciate beauty of flowers and you also need not be a botanist to know more about them. Flower watching has the same distinction from science that other hobbies like star gazing and bird watching have. If you see wild flowers as objects of natural beauty the desire to identify and quest for more information will certainly follow.

This inexpensive hobby does not need any binoculars or microscopes. One can pursue wild flowers while being outdoors for exercise, leisure, trekking or travelling. Appreciation leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to conservation. We all share the responsibility of preserving the natural heritage of one of the world biodiversity hot spots.